I understand the unique pain and problems a man encounters.

Are you stumbling and feeling lost in your life? Unable to figure it all out on your own? Are you in transition? In a rut? I specialize in a wide variety of men’s issues. I honor and speak to the quest for freedom that burns in every man’s heart. I offer counseling on issues of primary importance to men:

Intimacy with Women

  • How to break free of the “Nice Guy Syndrome”.
  • How to be close to a woman while staying true to yourself and maintaining your freedom.

Other Issues

  • How to improve sexual performance.
  • Building friendships and dispelling loneliness.
  • Fathering skills.
  • Workaholism and other addictive behavior.
  • Sexuality.
  • Working through grief and loss.



  • How to write an online profile that gets results.
  • Great opening lines to use.
  • How and when to make a move.

Career Goals

  • How to manage change in your life so it doesn’t managing you.
  • How to set a course for yourself, stick to it, and dare to succeed.

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