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It can be such a lonely feeling sometimes when the two of you aren’t getting along.  Sometimes we feel we have to withdraw just to protect ourselves from any more hurt, frustration, disappointment, or sadness. But withdrawing doesn’t really make things any better.

It’s easy to get confused, overwhelmed. We try to figure our partner out. Why is s/he so cold? Why is s/he so angry all the time? But at the end of the day, we just don’t know what to do to make things better. And there’s this feeling that this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be! This can’t go on like this — I can’t go on like this! Something’s got to change!

Well — something can change! A little couples counseling can go a long way towards clearing things up between you and getting you both back on the right track! Some new communication skills and some new solutions to old problems can turn things around and give the two of you a new start.

Over the past 25 years, I've helped hundreds of couples rekindle the love and friendship they once knew.

If you’re seeking to be heard and understood by your mate, and wish to revive the love and connection that was once there, we can help.

If you wish to heal and enhance your relationship by improving your communication skills, dissolving pent-up resentments, and learning to fight fair and find solutions, give us a call.

Together, we will do solution-oriented work, focusing in on the here and now, and on developing the skills you need to create the relationship you want.

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Call (718) 783-3222 for a free phone consultation. I’m happy to answer your questions and explain my approach to couples therapy, and tell you exactly how I would structure your sessions to bring about healing and understanding.

Infidelity, cheating and affairs can take the form of an emotional affair, a one-night-stand, or an ongoing sexual relationship. It can include behaviors such as sexting and online porn addiction.

When it is discovered, the results can be devastating to the hurt partner. Often I hear that person say that learning about the cheating is only half the hurt — the other half is from realizing their partner has been deceiving them.  “I don’t know who this person is anymore” is a common feeling.

However, an affair does not have to mean the end of things.

Couples can and do heal from affairs if they take the right actions.

This includes finding the right couples counselor with the experience to deal with these delicate issues.

The success of your counseling will depend on your answers to the following questions:

Is the one who strayed willing to stop doing so?

Are both of you willing to go to counseling and work at this?

Are you willing to see the infidelity as an opportunity (although a difficult and painful one) to make the relationship better than it was before?

If your answers are yes, you both have a good chance of getting through this challenge stronger than ever. I have successfully helped couples heal from this crisis and rebuild trust for the past 25 years.

Call (718) 783-3222 if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

The sooner you take action, the better off you’ll be.


Learn empathic attunement, deep listening, and how to instantly de-escalate any argument.

Are you feeling unheard by your partner? When you argue, does the fight become about the fight? Is resentment building? Are there feelings of frustration, hurt, sadness, suspicion, disappointment? Are the two of you having the same argument over and over without resolution? And have these things infected your relationship to the point where you miss the love and good times that originally brought the two of you together? Are you wondering if things will last — or if you even want them to?

Often communication is the key. Most people assume good communication is about clearly expressing themselves to their partner. That is part of it, but actually communication is mostly about listening, and also about learning how to fight fairly.

I teach empathic attunement, deep listening, and other communication skills that can instantly de-escalate any argument.

That’s why The New York Times and Newsday call me “The Love Doctor”. And it’s why I’ve helped hundreds of couples over the years get back on track with improved skills that result in a happier, more fulfilled life for each of them.

Contact me now to learn how I can help the two of you get through your troubles to regain the happiness you once had with each other.

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   Premarital Counseling


Are you fighting more now as your wedding day approaches? Are you or your

mate getting the wedding jitters or cold feet?


OR…would you simply like to prepare for marriage by enhancing your

communication skills and your ability to resolve conflicts?


A little premarital counseling can go a long way to getting on the right path for

the years to come.

In only four sessions:

Learn stress management skills you can use right away

 Learn to fight fair and resolve conflicts

 Examine expectations and clarify values

 Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple

Set long-term goals

 Deal with intimacy and sexual issues


You may opt for a single session or a four-session package.


I have over 25 years experience helping couples work things out. I also put my

personal experience to use – the things I learned the hard way. I’ve been with my

second wife 17 years now, but my first marriage had many lessons to teach me.

Now I help couples avoid the mistakes I and others have made.


The New York Times and Newsday call me “The Love Doctor”. I’ve helped

hundreds of couples over the years get on track with improved skills that result in

a happier, more fulfilled life together.

Get in touch or schedule by phone at 718.314.6064



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