This assessment is designed to help you explore your relationship so you can determine your next steps. Answer the following questions, and a skilled, licensed therapist will contact you shortly with your results.

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Name *
My trust has gone out the window. *
Sex has gone downhill. *
In all our daily interactions, about a third or more are negative. *
Sometimes I think my partner is trying to hurt me. *
Sometimes it seems we lose track of what we’re arguing about and the fight becomes about the fight. *
Over time, I find myself feeling more resentful towards my partner. *
S/he spends way too much time online. *
We don’t have fun like we used to. *
I find myself suspicious and checking his/her texts and emails. *
Sometimes I think if it weren’t for the kid(s) I’d be outta here. *
Our discussions tend to escalate into arguments and spiral out of control *
I see my partner as essentially selfish (or: negative/argumentative/arrogant) *
Please feel free to include any other information you think is important.