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Infidelity, cheating and affairs can take the form of an emotional affair, a one-night-stand, or an ongoing sexual relationship. It can include behaviors such as sexting and online porn addiction.

When it is discovered, the results can be devastating to the hurt partner. Often I hear that person say that learning about the cheating is only half the hurt — the other half is from realizing their partner has been deceiving them.  “I don’t know who this person is anymore” is a common feeling.

However, an affair does not have to mean the end of things.

Couples can and do heal from affairs if they take the right actions.

This includes finding the right couples counselor with the experience to deal with these delicate issues.

The success of your counseling will depend on your answers to the following questions:

Is the one who strayed willing to stop doing so?

Are both of you willing to go to counseling and work at this?

Are you willing to see the infidelity as an opportunity (although a difficult and painful one) to make the relationship better than it was before?

If your answers are yes, you both have a good chance of getting through this challenge stronger than ever. I have successfully helped couples heal from this crisis and rebuild trust for the past 25 years.

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The sooner you take action, the better off you’ll be.