Learn empathic attunement, deep listening, and how to instantly de-escalate any argument.

Are you feeling unheard by your partner? When you argue, does the fight become about the fight? Is resentment building? Are there feelings of frustration, hurt, sadness, suspicion, disappointment? Are the two of you having the same argument over and over without resolution? And have these things infected your relationship to the point where you miss the love and good times that originally brought the two of you together? Are you wondering if things will last — or if you even want them to?

Often communication is the key. Most people assume good communication is about clearly expressing themselves to their partner. That is part of it, but actually communication is mostly about listening, and also about learning how to fight fairly.

I teach empathic attunement, deep listening, and other communication skills that can instantly de-escalate any argument.

That’s why The New York Times and Newsday call me “The Love Doctor”. And it’s why I’ve helped hundreds of couples over the years get back on track with improved skills that result in a happier, more fulfilled life for each of them.

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