Premarital Counseling


Are you fighting more now as your wedding day approaches? Are you or your

mate getting the wedding jitters or cold feet?


OR…would you simply like to prepare for marriage by enhancing your

communication skills and your ability to resolve conflicts?


A little premarital counseling can go a long way to getting on the right path for

the years to come.

In only four sessions:

Learn stress management skills you can use right away

 Learn to fight fair and resolve conflicts

 Examine expectations and clarify values

 Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple

Set long-term goals

 Deal with intimacy and sexual issues


You may opt for a single session or a four-session package.


I have over 25 years experience helping couples work things out. I also put my

personal experience to use – the things I learned the hard way. I’ve been with my

second wife 17 years now, but my first marriage had many lessons to teach me.

Now I help couples avoid the mistakes I and others have made.


The New York Times and Newsday call me “The Love Doctor”. I’ve helped

hundreds of couples over the years get on track with improved skills that result in

a happier, more fulfilled life together.

Get in touch or schedule by phone at 718.314.6064